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In this article we will talk about digital marketing in Nepal. We will discuss the scope, type, trend or scenario and the best digital marketing agency in Nepal. More than 5 billion people use the Internet in 2023. It means that more than 63% of the world’s population currently uses the Internet. So, online promotion and advertising have more chances to get good attention.

In the previous time, there is no availability of the internet. So, in this time, manufacturers, producers, or innovators of products and services used newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, Postcard, SMS, Telemarketing, outdoor advertising, calendar marketing, banner marketing, and poster marketing.

Digital marketing means promoting products and services with the help of digital tools and techniques. There are various digital tools are available on the market in this internet era. So, digital marketing means providing information or promoting products and services with the help of digital tools and applications in online. Digital marketing communicates about products and services with target audiences with the help of digital platforms.

Digital marketing is one of the best marketing strategies that focus on actual customers and is more reliable than other sources. Digital marketing provides the facility to choose your customer’s age, location, keywords, gender, etc.   

Digital marketing in Nepal

Digital marketing in Nepal also growing rapidly. Digital marketing is a more reliable, easy, economic, and popular source for promoting and advertising products and services.

During the time of Covid-19, the government implemented a lockdown across Nepal. People stayed at home and internet usage skyrocketed. People started using social networking platforms and meeting apps like TikTok, Email, Zoom, google meet, etc. while staying at home. Hence, digital marketing has also grown rapidly.

In 2023, we can buy our desired products with daraz, Hamrobazaar, we can pay electricity bills online, we can order and pay internet packages online, we can get tickets for bus and air with e-Sewa, Khalti, Prabhu Pay wallet, we can order food online, we can book cab and bikes online, etc. So, these companies use digital marketing tools for their product and service promotion online with social media platforms, Google, YouTube, etc.

Digital marketers focus on social media marketing, blogging, SEO, websites, YouTube, Facebook, and promoting their products and services. Companies started using email and affiliate marketing to connect with their target audience. Then all digital marketing agencies put their effort into making better experiences by fulfilling consumers’ expectations.

In this internet era, people spend more time on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, browsers, etc. people search for products and services online before buying these products and services. People want to get information about the products or services plan, price, quality, material, availability, location, etc.

Best digital marketing agency in Nepal

These are the best digital marketing agencies in Nepal:

1. Trilogy Digital media

Trilogy digital media is one of the top marketing agency in Nepal. The office of TDM is located at Mid Baneswor, Kathmandu. The company provides online AD service. According to company, they have innovative, certified and award-winning developers and designers to fulfill customer expectations.

The company provides social media marketing, E-mail marketing, Facebook marketing service, blog maintenance service, web designing and development, and domain and hosting services. You can check TDM plan and prices through the official website.

2. E-lance Digital Media

E-lance fulfills the advertising, branding, and marketing needs in the Nepali Digital market. The company celebrating 5 years of service in 2023. The company of E-lance is located at Chabahil, Kathmandu.

 The company provides SEO, business branding, social media marketing, SEM services facilities for advertiser or companies, and customers. With the help of the monthly package section of E-lance websites, you can find packages and prices for digital marketing.

3. Lone Tree

Lone Tree helps you connect, converse, collaborate and co-create with target customers. According to the company, they build real-time reports, forging close ties with media are the main pillar of their success. The office of company is located at Kupundol, Lalitpur.

Loan tree provides branding and designing, social media marketing, content marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Influencer marketing facilities for customers and companies. You can contact Lone Tree Teams for plans and prices. They have not provided any information about plans and prices on their website.

4. Creative SEO Nepal

The company is located at Maitidevi, Kathmandu. The company has been providing various digital services in Nepal since 2018. According to the company, they have young and energetic team for hard and best output.

You can chat with Creative SEO Nepal’s Team for plans and prices. They also provide Social Media Marketing, Web design and development, and content writing facilities to customers. They have not revealed their plans and pricing on the website.

5. Sharda IT Service

This is also the best digital marking agency in Nepal which is located at Tripureswor, Kathmandu. The company has been providing digital services since 2018.

The company provides Facebook and Instagram Ads, Facebook Event Boost, Facebook Page Like Boost, Search Engine marketing, Email marketing, SMS marketing facilities to customers. You can contact their team for more information about plan and prices.

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Scenario of Digital marking in Nepal

These are the popular forms of digital marketing in Nepal:

  1. Content Marketing: In content marketing advertisers or companies make different blogs and articles about their products and services. They include all information about the product such as price, manufacturing date, expiry date, company, company address, size, weight, compositions, ingredients, mixtures, etc. And for services they provide information about the plan, price, offers price, offers time, validity, service company, etc.
  2. Social Media: social media are also the best tools for digital marketing. Companies or Digital marketers create product and service profiles on different social media platforms and interact with target customers. With the help of Social media profiles, they share content, information, photos, user guides, booking procedures, order procedures, etc. And people share these posts and get reach and engagement from more customers.
  3. Email marketing: Email is the best and free source for digital marketing. If you have a blog website and you also have more Email subscribers then you can send about your product and services through email to many subscribers at a time. You can create an email about your product and services and then you can send it to your existing customers about new products and new services.
  4. Paid Advertising: Paid advertising is also the best digital marketing technique. You can use Google AdWords, Facebook boosting, Instagram posts, websites of your categories, etc. for promoting and advertising products and services.
  5. SEO: Search Engine Optimization is also the best way of digital marketing. When you browse on the internet about something then the search engine shows different search results on different pages. So, you must rank on the first page to get more search clicks and Engagements. For this, you should optimize your content, post, or website to get more visitors.
  6. Affiliate marketing: Affiliate marketing is the best strategy that motivates third parties to bring more traffic. Digital marketer or companies who used affiliate marketing compensates third parties for their efforts. Third parties can get compensation according to how much traffic they can generate and how much of them buy the company’s product and services from their affiliate link.
  7. Video and SMS Marketing: Video marketing is also the best marketing strategy in this internet era. You can create videos about your product and services and can publish them on YouTube, Facebook page, etc. YouTube and Facebook are the most popular for video marketing in 2023. You must create your video content and SMS content according to customers’ expectations and must be useful for them then it can get more engagement and shares. TikTok is also best for your product promotion, you can create your business profile on TikTok and then publish your video content on TikTok. There is a high chance of getting more traffic and going your video viral than other sources.

Scope of Digital marketing in Nepal

The scope of digital marketing in Nepal is growing rapidly. New startup companies are being established every day. These companies offer various/different products and services to the customers. Branding and promoting innovative and new services and products are essential. Therefore, digital marketing fulfills the needs of new and existing customers.

These companies require an official website, mobile application, logo designing, video promotion, Search Engine Optimization, Website designing & development, social media profile bosting, etc. These require digital marketing agencies. Marketing agencies need more certified, skilled, and energetic employees and it creates new job opportunities.

You can also set up a digital marketing agency to provide these services to clients and companies but it requires skills. If you are skilled in SEO, you can set up a search engine optimization company in Nepal. There is a high demand for search engine optimization for various websites and content posts. If you are skilled in coding then you can set up a website design and development as well as mobile application development company.

So, if you want to enhance your digital skills then you should learn coding language HTML, CSS, Java Script, Java, Flutter, PHP, Swift, etc. You need to learn Photoshop, Word, Excel, InDesign, PowerPoint, or improve your computer skills. . You should be updated with new technology information and news.

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