Why multiple cameras in phone / How do 5 cameras work?

Are you looking for a multiple camera phone? Before buying a multiple camera phone try to know why we need multiple cameras in phone?

The first camera phone appeared in Japan in 1999 with 0.11 Megapixel. Nowadays, most of the people take photo with their smartphones. So, users expect more quality camera on phones.

We bought the multiple camera phone as a fashion or trend in market. But we never try to know about the uses of multiple cameras in phones and different functions of these cameras. In this article, we are going to talk about why we should need multiple cameras in phone?

In the past year there was only one camera on our phone and we are satisfied. But in this time, there are dual, triple, quad even Penta camera phones are also available in the market.

The main motive of multiple cameras on phone is to improve the quality of photos and videos. We need multiple cameras to add multiple mechanisms and lenses in the camera. To add different features to photos and video applications even on photos and videos.

Suppose we have a dual camera phone then we can see an option on camera application as portrait. Even after clicking a portrait photo, we can adjust the bluer level on photos.

But, in case of DSLR cameras there is only one camera but it can capture better photo than a multiple camera phone. It’s because DSLR cameras has more space to use different lenses and mechanism. We can also use external lenses for DSLR cameras.

Types of Cameras/lenses

1. RGB Camera/lens

The main camera of mobile phone is RGB camera. The full form of RGB is Red, Green, and Blue. With the combination of Red, Green, and Blue millions of colors can generate. So, we can generate any color with the combination of RGB. So, every pixel of camera contains these three colors and it can generate any color according to need.

So, RGB camera use RGB color sensor and it can capture best color photo. The main camera of phone is always with higher megapixel.

2. Monochrome Camera/lens

The main use of monochrome lens is to capture a black and white photo. The main difference between main camera and monochrome camera is RGB color filter. Monochrome lens does not capture the color. So, it captures more lights than normal camera.

So, with the help of this lens you can capture a black and white photo with better detailing and lower noise.

3. Depth Sensor camera/lens

Depth sensor camera can recognize object and background of photo. It means it can separate background and object while capturing photos. With the help of photo depth or distance it can recognize near object as focusing object and outlying object as a background. So, it focuses on object and bluer the background.  

With the help of depth sensor camera, we can bluer the background of photo, we can adjust the bluer level of background etc. Generally, with the help of portrait mode of camera you can activate your depth sensor.

4. Macro Camera/lens

Macro lens is also a useful lens on camera. This lens may not be useful, if you are a normal user. But, if you are a photographer or you are interested in photography, then this camera lens will be very useful for you.

If you want to capture small objects, insects, flowers etc. then you can use macro mode of camera. Macro camera can capture a photo from close rage with full detailing.

5. Wide Angle Camera/Ultra-Wide-angle camera/lens

Wide angle camera is also a useful camera sensor. With the help of this sensor or camera you can capture wide photo than normal camera.

For example: if you want to capture a group photo, if you open normal mode, you can not adjust all group member in a single frame. In this time, you also try with landscape mode but you can not adjust all member in a singe frame with near distance.

In this case, you can use wide angel mode of camera, it can capture wider photo than normal camera with same distance. Wide angle camera can cover wider area of photo.

6. Telephoto camera/lens

Telephoto lens or camera is also a useful camera lens. Normally midrange smartphones include this lens or camera on smartphones. This lens helps to zoom out the photo. If you want to capture a photo from far distance with better quality and detailing you can use telephoto mode of camera.

Suppose if you want to capture a photo of a cricket player while playing in stadium, you can use telephoto mode of camera. Normally, if we zoom our photo, it reduces the quality and detailing of photo but telephoto lens can capture same quality photo even, we zoom the photo.

Telephoto lens can zoom out and focus at a time. So, it can capture better photo from boundary area. You can use 2x optical zoom, 5x optical zoom,10x optical zoom etc. according to your mobile phone. Telephoto lens can not work properly in low light condition.

How to use multiple cameras in phone

How 3 camera work in mobile?

Nowadays it is common to have three cameras in smartphones. Most of the mid-rage phone provide triple camera in rear side. Most of the smartphone brand includes RGB, Depth sensor and Wide-angle camera.

So, if you have triple camera phone you can capture a better-quality portrait photo with bluer background. You can also capture wide angle photo which is wider than RGB camera.  

It means that, if you have a single camera then you can capture a color photo. Single camera phone use RBG sensor on camera to capture color photo. If you have a dual camera phone, then you can capture color as well as portrait photo. And triple camera phone can capture color, portrait as well as wide angle photos.

How 5 cameras work in smartphone?

There is not possible to adjust different sensors and mechanism on single camera of mobile phone. Mobile phone camera must be small to maintain the thickness, power efficiency, and beauty of latest smartphones.

So, we need more cameras in smartphones to use different lances, mechanism, and features. With the help of Penta cameras (5 cameras) phones, you can click color photo, portrait photo, wide and ultra-wide angel photo, macro shots as well as optical zoom shots.

We have already discussed about different lenses such as RGB, Depth sensor, Wide or Ultrawide angle, monochrome, telephoto, and macro. With the combination of these 6 lenses company may use different lenses on your triple, quad and Penta cameras phones according to brand. But all smartphone brands use these 6 lenses only.

It means that, if you have a Samsung phone with triple camera, you can find RGB, Dept sensor and wide angel lens. But if you have another brand’s triple camera phone which may use RGB, Depth Sensor and Telephoto lens.

Such like a DSLR Camera we can use more lenses on single camera but there is no space on Smartphones cameras because these are too small. So, we need more cameras to use more lenses and mechanism.

What is front and rear camera ?

In the previous time there is only rear camera on mobile phones. With the development of messaging apps, meeting apps, social media platform, smartphone company realize the necessity of front camera. So, nowadays there is a front camera on every smartphone.

The camera which is in your screen side is called front camera. With the help of front camera, you can click selfie photos, video calling, video chatting in meeting, etc. The main purpose of front camera is video calling and to click selfie photos.

The camera which is back side of screen is called rear camera. It is also called back camera. Normally, rear cameras come with higher megapixel than front-facing camera. The main purpose of back camera is to click photos. You can also scan barcode, QR code with rear camera for payment purpose or to get information about this product, company etc.

Why is the back (rear) camera better?

There is not any bump (raised part from body) on front facing camera. The bump helps to autofocus. It means that while focusing a picture or video camera leans zoom out and zoom in according to need and adjust the quality automatically.

So, for zoom out and zoom in it need to some space to movement of lens. There is more space in inside in rear camera than front camera because of bump. So, we can use more features, lens, mechanism than front camera. So, we can click better quality photos with rear camera than front camera.

We can also record more stabilized video with rear camera because it used EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization) and OIS(Optical Image Stabilization). EIS help to reduce the handshake and movement while shooting video and taking shots.

OIS also works as EIS but it moves the camera lenses according to movement or handshake while shooting video and taking shots. The camera or Camera lenses are moving while soothing video with OIS mode. There is a glass to protect your camera, so we can not see the movement of the camera. But it is moving inside the glass.

There are other things also that makes rear camera better. But these are the main reasons why rear camera is better than front camera.

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