How to apply for Dollar 💲 card Online in Nepal in 2023

In this article we are going to talk about how to apply for dollar card in Nepal and uses of dollar card in Nepal. If you are interested to make dollar card in Nepal, then we will discuss which banks provides the dollar card facility and which banks provides the online application for dollar card and what we can do with dollar card.

Dollar card is a card like a visa debit card. With the help of dollar card we can pay internationally. In the past years, we have not any option to pay to foreign countries. In this article we will discussed about how to make dollar card online in Nepal.

During this time, if we want to pay for Facebook boost , hosting, shopping, gaming top up and other transactions then we had not any payment option. If we want to pay for this we were paying form our friends account who are living on the foreign country.

But with the help of dollar can now we can pay for any online transaction of any country. Now we can buy hosting, domain, online purchase, gaming top up, online education or other courses, paid apps and movies and so on.

Necessary Documents For Dollar Card

  • Permanent Account Number (PAN) Card
  • 2 Password Size Photos
  • Citizenship Certificates
  • Bank Account

Some banks also required,

  • Card application form
  • Updated KYC Form 
  • Self-declaration Form

Note: PAN card is compulsory, without PAN card you can not get dollar card. So, you can create your own PAN card with Nagarik App and for physical card you can visit Inland Revenue Department which was selected when you applied for dollar card from Nagarik App.

How to Apply for Dollar Card

  1. Visit Bank and fill up dollar card application form
  2. Submit Application form
  3. For Online Application We have attached linked below which bank provides the online application for dollar card. Chech this out and apply.

Banks which provides dollar card service in Nepal

Banks Name With Online Application Link
 Global IME Bank
 Himalayan Bank (N/A)
 Kumari Bank (N/A)
Laxmi Bank
 Mahalaxmi Bikas Bank(N/A)
 Machhapuchchre Bank (N/A)
Nepal Investment Bank (N/A)
Nic Asia Bank (You can Request with Mobile Banking App)
Nabil Bank (N/A)
 NMB Bank
 Prabhu Bank (N/A)
 Sunrise Bank (N/A)
 Siddhartha Bank

Normally, all commercial bank charges Rs.500. But it may be vary form your banks rule.

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Usages of Dollar card

1. Buy Domain and Hosting

In the previous days we have not payment option to buy domain & hosting from other countries like Godady, Namecheap,, Bluehost etc. We are using Nepali hosting which are slower than foreign domain provider and can not manage high traffic.

So, if you are looking for best hosting you can choose any hosting and can pay with dollar card. If you are looking for best speed you can go with above hosting providers but these are slightly expensive than Nepali hosting providers.

If you are beginner and searching for best domain and hosting providers, you should go with Nepali Hosting providers. But if you are searching for business purpose and for best speed you should go with foreign hosting providers.

2. Gaming Top-up

If you are looking for gaming top up you can pay with Nepali dollar card. If you want to buy any thing on game like Gun skin, UC, diamond, dress, vehicle skin etc. on PUBG, Free Fire, Clash of Clan etc. you can pay for this easily.

Before dollar card lunched in Nepal we were paying with commission for Gaming Top-Up from others players and other providers who were providing this facility but after dollar card we can buy with no commission.

3. Google Play console

If we want to publish any apps on google play store, you should have Google Play Console account. With the help of dollar card you can create your Google Play Console Account. You can create a Google Play Console Account by paying $50.

After creating Google Play Console account you can publish your apps on Google Play Store and App Store. Create your own app and publish on Play Store and App Store and earn money online

4. Online Advertising

With the help of dollar card you can pay for online advertising. If you want to advertise your business, website and others products on Facebook, Google, YouTube and other online advertising platform you can easily pay for these with dollar card.

5. Paid Apps & Movies

With the help of dollar card you can purchase paid apps form Google Play Store. You can purchase premium version of any apps, WordPress plugins, Themes etc.

You can also purchase paid movies on online video platform.

6. Online Shopping

You can pay for online shopping for Nepali and foreign online shopping platform like Amazon, Alibaba, Daraz, Flipcart etc. You can buy goods from Amazon, Flipcart, Alibaba, daraz and so on. But If you buy from Foreign countries online shopping platform, it not easy to get your order delivered.

7. Online Video Subscription Platform Account

You can make an account on Netflix by paying from dollar card. You can purchase any videos, movies and others on online video subscription platform.

These are the popular payments options of dollar prepaid card. You can buy online courses, Paypal connect, Google storage purchase, software purchase etc.

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