CRN Number of Prabhu Bank & Nic Asia Bank

What is CRN Number of Prabhu Bank?

CRN number means C-ASBA Registration Number which helps to apply IPO (Initial Public offering). After opening Demat Account We need CRN Number to apply for newly opened stocks in Primary Market.

In the case of Prabhu bank, CRN number is 8 Letters of your bank account. There are 16 letters in your Prabhu Bank account number.

 Skip the First three letters and pick 8 letters continuously from your bank account number. Then this is your CRN Number. Suppose My Bank Account Number is 1452369874561236.

Then I Skip the First Three Letters, which are 145. Then I have Pick 8 letters after that, which are 23698745. Then this is my CRN Number.

Account Number: 145 23698745 61236 ( Bold number is my CRN)

CRN numbers may be in different forms with different banks. For example, Nic Asia Bank’s CRN number is like this: 12-R01234567

How to get Prabhu Bank CRN Number?

If you think we have our CRN number with the help of our account number, why should we apply for that? It is because, after submitting a form to the bank, they provide you the same CRN number, but now it’s activated.

Before submitting a form to the bank, this is your same CRN number, but it is not activated. We can not use it to apply shares, but after activation from the bank, you can use it to apply IPOs (share).

 To get CRN number in Prabhu bank. You should fill up a simple form and submit it to the bank. Then bank staff will provide the same CRN number immediately. You can get the CRN number within a minute. But you must visit the bank to submit the form.

Prabhu Bank CRN number

Which Bank Provides Online CRN Facility?

These days Nic Asia bank provides the Online CRN number Facility. For that, You must have a Demat account in Nic Asia Capital. Then You can apply for CRN number online.

After applying for CRN number, you will get a message with CRN number in some hours in the registered mobile Number.

You can also check your bank’s website for your bank provide this facility or not.

How to apply for the online CRN of Nic Asia Bank?

After opening a Demat account in Nic Asia Capital, visit Nic Asia Bank’s Website and find Apply Mero share and CRN number section.

CRN Request form of Nic Asia Bank

Now fill in the required details such as the last 8 digits of Demat number (Client ID), Account number, Mobile Number, Email ID, and Click on Submit Details to get CRN number of Nic Asia bank.

Remember, before submitting details, do not forget to tick on the Terms and condition box, and I am not a Robot box.

Can I Open a Demat Account Online in Nic Asia?

Yes, you can also open an Online Demat Account with Nic Asia Capital or Nic Asia Bank because the bank also provides this facility. Suppose you have no Demat account yet. Then you can also open a Demat account online.

Demat Apply Section for Nic Asia Bank

To open a Demat account, you need a bank account in Nic Asia. You can also Open Bank Account Online. You can open a Demat Account, Mero Share Account online, but you must visit the bank to verify your identity after opening bank account and Demat account. If you have not verified your identity. Your account will be freez.

What should I do for other bank’s CRN number?

Before visiting the bank for a CRN number, check your bank’s website and make sure they provide or not online CRN apply.

If the bank does not provide the online facility, then visit the bank, fill up the C-ASBA Registration form and submit it to the bank and they will provide you the CRN Number.

I forget my CRN Number; what should I Do?

Don’t worry; if you forget the CRN number, you can contact your bank and ask for your CRN number. They will provide you CRN number. You can search on Google for your bank’s contact number.

How long is a CRN number in Nepal?

CRN number is different with different banks. The length of the CRN number is not specified in Nepal. Some examples of CRN numbers in Nepal:

Prabhu Bank’s CRN Number: 23698745

Nic Asia Bank’s CRN Number: 35-R01234567

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