How to fill up Lok Sewa Form online Just in 4 Steps

If you are preparing for Public Service Commission Nepal (LokSewa Aayog) Exam and you want to fill up Loksewa form online then you can read this article. We include all the procedures and requirements for how to fill up Lok Sewa form online.

Lok Sewa Aayog (Public Service Commission) preparation is a prestigious job itself in Nepal. Most of the students have a dream to be a Lok Sewa Aayog officer in the future in any post according to their faculty.

In the previous year, there was provision to fill up the form offline and submit it to the Lok Sewa  Aayog office. But at this time, all province Public Service commission (Pradesh), as well as Federal( Sangh), provides the facility to fill up online form and online payment for the form.

Online Application Links Of All Provinces
Province 1
Province 2 (Madesh Pradesh)
Province 3 (Bagmati Province)
Province 4 (Gandaki Province)
Province 5 (Lumbani Province)
Province 6 (Karnali Province)
Province 7 (Sudurpashchim Province)

How to fill up Lok Sewa Form online (For All Provinces or Pradesh)

If you learn to fill up ones’ province online form then you can fill up any province’s Lok Sewa(PSC) Form because there is a provision in law to be same desigh in All Provinces Website. It means that, all provinces’ (Pradesh) website have same design. You can fill up form with same procedures in all province. Follow the followint steps to fill up all psc online form:

Step 1: Register New Account:

  • Visit the website of the Public Service Commission you wish to apply for. We have mentioned above all Provinces and Federal Public service commissions’ Website Link.
  • Now click on Online Application tab of website. Or, you can directly redirect t   online application page by clicking on above mentioned online application link of desired Province’s Public service commission.
  • Now this page will open.
how to fill up lok sewa form online 1
  • You can change website language according to your need by clicking on the top right corner. (English and Nepali).
  • Now click on Register.
  • Fill up your all detail, you can choose any username but remember this username. If it shows this username is not available after click on submit then add some number after that. (For example, if ‘techfello’ username is not available then choose ‘techfello1’, ‘tehfello12’, ‘techfello123’, etc. as username.)
  • Now you will get an Email to put your password to log in detail. Check Email and put or reset password.
  • If you have not get any Email then click on Didn’t receive the email?
  • Now, put your username, Email ID, and Phone Number then click on Submit. Then you put your new password for Login.

Step 2: Fill up your profile details and upload documents

  • Now Login by putting your username and password, then you will be redirected to the application dashboard.
  • Now click on ‘My Profile‘ then fill up all your Personal detail and click on next.
sample of loksewa form
  • Now fill up Extra Details and Contact details. If you belong to this inclusive group (Aadibasi Janajati, Madhesi, Dalit, Apanga, and Pichhadieko Kshetra) upload your recommendation letter (Sipharis).
  • The photo size will be less than 500Kb. So make sure before uploading this document. You can reduce you photo size click here.
  • Now fill up your Education Description. Click on Add button.
sample of loksewa form document add section
  • Now fill up all details and upload Academic documents in PDF format (Convert to PDF Here). Marksheet (Gradesheet) and Character Certificate are compulsory. You can add other equivalent documents as you wish.
  • File size must be less than 500Kb. (Reduce your PDF File size Here)
  • Then Click on Save.
  • If you have any training documets releated to your course then upload this document in Training section.
  • If you have any license or Professional council documents then upload these documents in this section. ( For example, if you are applying for Pharmacy and Engineering then you must have Pharmacy and Engineering  License to apply for this post. So, upload this license photo and detail in the Professional council Section.
  • If you have any experience documents then upload these documents in Experience Section.
  • Now upload your photo, signature, Citizenship Front side, and Citizenship back side, and click on next.
online loksewa form with upload document section
  • Now you will see the preview of your application. Check all your details and documents here. Make sure all information and documents which you entered are correct.
  • After completing all these steps correctly. Now you can apply for any post according to your qualification or eligibility criteria.
  • If PSC office opens vacancy next month, next year or anytime, you can apply from same account, and no need to upload documents and fill above details. Because our profile is already complete. So, note somewhere or remember this username and password for future form filling.

Step 3: Apply for Specific Post

After completing our profile, now we can apply for any post according to qualifications and eligibility. Don’t worry, all province’s Public Service Commission’s websites are designed as same for the applicant’s convenience. So, you can apply in any province with the same procedures.

  • If you are filling form from your laptop then click on Vacancy. If you are filling form on mobile then click on Menu(Three Line) Then Click on Vacancy.
online loksewa form which shows currently opening vacancies
  • Now you will see all the Vacancies which are currently opening. There are only 10 rows showing as default. You can change showing rows to 20,30,40,50 rows or change page number to see more vacancies.
  • Find your post on this advertisement, then click on ‘View All Details‘.
  • Now select your Quota by Tick the box. Suppose You want to fill the form for Khula, Mahila and Dalit then tick on these three boxes.
  • Fill up other details and tick on the I accept the terms and conditions of PPSC then click on Apply.
  • Now new Popup will Open then check all details and Click on Yes, Confirm.

Step 4: Pay for the Application

  • Now click on My Application then click on All Applications.
  • Now click on Pending Application and click on Pay. You can pay with your ‘Connect IPS’ account.

How to Fill up Lok Sewa Form Online (For Federal or Sangh)

Now follow the following steps to fill up federal (Sangh) lok sewa aayog form online:

Step 1: Create User Profile

  • Click on this Federal Public Service Commission( Sangh Lok Sewa Aayog) Website’s online Application Link.
  • Now click on Sign up Menu.
  • Fill up all deatil and click on Save Buttom.
  • After click on Save Buttom you can get an email with username and passwrod. You can get message on phone also.
  • Now click on sign in and put your username and password which you have received then you can see to new window to set new password. Now put your own password to change old password.
  • Then you will redirected to the Loksewa Online application Dashboard. You can see all vacancies here.
  • Now click on the next buttom.
  • Now fill up perosonal detail and click on next then fill up Extra details then click on next then fill up contact details and click on next.
  • Now to fill up education(Academic) details, click on ‘Add new Details‘. Fill up required details as well as upload documents.
  • If you have any training documents then upload this on Training section.
  • If you have any license of required facacty then upload this on Professional counsil section.
  • Upload your experience document in Experience section.
  • Now upload you Photo, citizenship, and inclusion group certificate then click on next.
  • Now you see preview of your form. Chek all details and documents. Now you profile is complete.

Step 2: Apply For specific Post

  • After completing all procedures of Step 1. Now click on Submit window just after preview window.
  • Now you can see all vacancies by clicking on View All. You can view vacancies manually by selecting service and class categories and then click on Search by the service and class buttom.
  • Now choose your post for which you are going to apply. Then click on Advertisement Number of your post and you can see all details.
  • Now click on checkbok for which group you are going to apply. (For example, Khula, Dalit, Mahila, etc.) and click on Process buttom.
  • Now you can see the minimum qualification for this post.
  • Now clik on Agree to the terms and conditions of PSC and click on Submit buttom.
  • Now you can get receipet.
  • If you want to apply for multiple posts then follow all the procedures of Steps 2.

Step 3: Pay for the application

  • Now you can pay with receipet which you had got in step 2 by visiting bank of Loksewa Office.
  • Or you can pay online for the application by Payment window just After submit window.

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