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Are you looking for a perfect laptop for your work. Before buying a laptop you must consider such things, if you don’t want to regret in the future. These are the 12 things to check before buying laptop. Lets get started..


The brand is the first thing you should consider before buying a laptop. A brand is the identification of a product. For example, when I say, ‘Dell,’ what picture is formed in your mind called brand? It is the name of a company which is popular to identify the product in the market.

If you are confused about choosing a brand, I suggest you go with a popular brand. The big advantage of going with a popular brand is that you can easily get any accessories of laptops easily in the market.

The second big advantage is that when you face any problem with a laptop after the warranty, you can easily repair your laptop from any service centre. If you go with a popular brand, you can get better customer support also.

In the case of Nepal, there are not adequate service centres for many laptops, and most of the service centres are in Kathmandu only. 

So, if you have some specifications on two laptops at the same price, always go with a famous brand. If you got a better specification with the same price, you could also go with the following brand.


Budget or price is the next important thing you should consider while buying a laptop. We always have a limited budget to buy a computer. So, always go with the better option at the same price.

Price is the value of the product which we should pay to get it. So go with value or quality price. It means that you should pay for a product only how much it deserves.

Why should you pay more if you have a better option available in the market at the same price?

According to your budget, first, collect the 4/5 laptops list with this price range, audit the laptops’ specifications, and choose a better option. 



RAM is a temporary memory that can remember our actions or activity data for a short time. It is volatile memory; it means that when we lose power supply in the laptop and PC, we cannot restore the data which are saved in the laptop’s RAM.

For example: Suppose you are editing a document on your laptop, and suddenly the computer shuts down. Then we cannot restore our editing process from where we left it. But we can regain our saved progress which is kept in ROM.

It means that if you are using multiple applications in the background at the same time, editing videos, and designing something in different software at the same time, then we need more RAM to store your current activity and operate smoothly.

So, if you are an average user, you can choose lower RAM; if you are a heavy user, select higher RAM laptops.


ROM is permanent memory which can store or memorize our documents, files, photos etc., for the long term. It means that it will work and will not damage our data until it is not physically damaged.

Simply put, it is the storage of your laptops, mobile, pad and other digital instruments. It stores our data for the long term and can memorize it until physical damage.

It is a non-volatile memory; it means that when we lose power supply in PC and laptops, it does not forget our saved data. We can use these data, which are saved on our laptop and Pc when the power supply is restored.


The performance of a laptop always depends on how much power the process was used on your computer.

A processor is how fast it can understand and perform the instructions given by an operating system.

When we want to open the ‘Photoshop application on a laptop, we click on the ‘Photoshop icon; it means that our operating system instructs the processor to open this application, and it depends on the processor capacity to how fast it can open.

So, if you want to fast and perform your laptop better, then always choose a powerful processor. The two most famous processor companies for laptops are Intel and AMD. Intel provides Pentium, Celeron, Core i3, Core i5, Core i7 and core i9 processors. Likewise, AMD provides laptops with Athlon, Ryzen 3, Ryzen 5, Ryzen 7 and Ryzen 9 processors.

If you are an average user and your budget is lower, you can go with Pentium, Athlon, or Celeron processer.

If you are a moderate user and student, you can go with Intel Core i3, Core i5, Ryzen 3, and Ryzen 5 processor laptops.

If you are a heavy user, you should go with Intel Core i7, Core i9, and Ryzen 9 processor, which is decisive for editing, rendering, streaming, gaming etc.

Usually, Intel processors are more expensive than AMD processors. If you have a low budget, go with an AMD processor, and if you have adequate funding, you should go with an Intel processor.


The size of the laptop means the screen size of the computer. Suppose you want a laptop for graphic designing, Video editing, and Photo editing. In that case, you should choose bigger screen size laptops for a better experience, making it easy to do such work.

If you want a laptop for typical use like internet browsing, online classes, working on word, excel etc., you can also choose small screen size laptops.


A laptop keyboard is another vital thing you should consider before buying a laptop. You should consider keyboard layout, design, size, quality, backlit etc.

If you work at night, choose a keyboard with backlit. There are different keyboards such as dust proof keyboard, a Spill-resistant keyboard, a waterproof keyboard etc. you should also consider this. Also, check touchpad size and speed. A small size touchpad is preferable.


The battery is also an important thing you should consider before buying a new laptop. Check the warranty of the storm because most of the time, we face problems with batteries in a short period.

You should also consider battery capacity; higher capacity is preferable because it will work for a long time.

If you buy an additional battery, check the battery model, voltage, connectors, chemical composition, and the number of cells on the battery.


You should check the availability of ports on the laptop, also. Because if the computer has not had good ports, you need an additional port hub.

So, check USB ports to connect the keyboard, mouse and other output devices, and it also helps to transfer files, documents and photos, link to external cameras etc. Choose the latest standard of USB ports for better speed while transferring files.

Type-C port is capable of transfer speeds of 10 Gbps and can deliver up to 100 watts of power, which comes in handy for powering laptops. So, also check the availability of the Type-C port in the laptop. Also, check Thunderbolt Port on the laptop. It helps to transfer files at the speed of 40 Gbps.

Check the headset port for listing to music with earphones, headphones, and speakers, and it also helps to connect additional microphones on the laptop for better sound recording on a laptop.

Sometimes you need a bigger screen than your laptop provides for presentation, watching movies, gaming etc. Check HDMI Port. It helps to connect your laptop with television, projectors, cable boxes etc.

These are the essential ports you should check on your laptop. Usually, other ports such as charging ports, security ports, SD card readers, and Ethernet ports are available in all laptops.


Intel processer is used to denote the age of CPU generation as 7th generation, 8th generation, 9th generation etc. The era of laptops indicates the recent technology and design advancement of CPU. Always go with higher age, but you should pay more.

 For example, 7th-generation laptops are less expensive than 11th-generation laptops. Higher generation gives you better performance, better security and recent updates on notebooks.

If you are confused about choosing higher core laptops or higher generation laptops, then if you want better speed, go with higher core and if you want more security, then go with higher generation laptops. Therefore, higher cores and higher generation laptops are always more expensive than lower ones.

Graphic Card

A graphic card is an expansion card that helps to generate better clarity, colour, definition and overall appearance of graphical data. It means that while gaming and watching videos on laptops, multiple colours are used to show images and videos, and graphic card process and present these pictures or videos or animation with clarity which make us in the real world.

If you are a gamer, you need a higher level of graphic card, it helps to process your gaming animation or graphic, and it gives you a better gaming experience. An integrated graphic is already provided on the laptop. If you are normal, you don’t need a dedicated graphics card.

You should go with a dedicated graphics card if you are a gamer. So, you should pay an additional amount because a dedicated graphics card is more expensive than an integrated graphic card.


Weight is another vital thing to consider to buy a laptop. If you are a student and traveller, you should choose a minimum-weight laptop that makes it easy to carry while travelling.

The weight of a laptop depends on the size, material used in the laptop, the thickness of the laptop, generation of laptops etc.


If you are a traveller or student, always choose a high-watt charger. There are more options on chargers 30-watt, 60-watt, 90-watt etc. So, if you want to charge your laptop in minimum time, then go with a higher-watt charger.

These are the basic 12 things you should consider before buying a new laptop. If you have any confusion about this and on any topic, please comment below.

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