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While going to talk about best Wifi in Nepal, there are more than 21 ISP company in Nepal. Because of many Internet Service Provider, it is not easy to choose best internet among them. Different/different company provides, different /different packages of internet with different prices. So, in this, we are talking about best WiFi in Nepal with best speed as well as price.

In this we have included internet with plan and prices, Market contribution, internet list, dedicated and shared Wi-Fi, Fair Usage policy & so on.

WifiNepal Pvt. Ltd. Launched the cheapest package of internet: 30Mbps@Rs.400 and 50Mbps@ Rs.550. CG NET which is belongs to the Chaudhary Group (CG Net) recently provides the best package of 120Mbps@Rs.999 & 50 Mbps@Rs.649 After lunching this package of CG NET other ISP also decreased their internet plan prices.

While talking Best Internet In Nepal Worldlink is the leading ISP in Nepal with highest number of subscribers. But highest numbers of subscriber does not mean that the best. Nepal Doorsanchar company contribute 19.9% share in Nepali internet market.

1. WorldLink

WorldLink is the largest internet service provider and best Wifi company of Nepal which contributes the approximately 33% of Nepalese internet market. It was established in September, 1995. Till 2022, Worldlink in the No.1 among the more than 21 ISP of Nepal. More than 4,000 employees work under the company.

It also provides internet service in the rural area of Nepal which is great. In November 2019 it was awarded with highest taxpayer company in the IT segment of Nepal. Worldlink is running in the 27th year of service in 2022.

WorldLink internet Plan & Price

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Time200 Mbps250 Mbps300 Mbps600 Mbps1 Gbps
1 MonthN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
3 MonthsRs.4,050Rs. 4,200/-Rs. 4,500/-N/AN/A
6 MonthsRs.8000/-Rs.8,300/-Rs.9,000/-
12 MonthsRs.14,400/-Rs. 15,000/-Rs. 16,800/-Rs. 30,000/-Rs. 39,999/-
Dashain OfferRs.1,050/month

You should pay additional 13% VAT on above monthly prices. Router charge, installation charge, wire charge, STB activation charge may be vary with plan and duration.

2. Subisu

Subisu Cablenet Pvt. Ltd. is another best Wifi in Nepal. It is providing internet service from the 2001 A.D in Nepal. According to the subscriber count it is the second best internet in Nepal which covers Approximately 13% share of Nepalese internet market.

Subisu internet have the two important certificates; ISO 9001 and ISO 270001 for Quality Management System and Information Security System. Subisu also provides the facility of wireless internet in Nepal up to 5Mbps.

Subisu internet Plans & Price

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Speed (Mbps)Max Clear TV1 month3 months12 months
150 MbpsNoN/AN/ARs. 12,832/-
300 MbpsNoN/AN/ARs.17,256/-
200 Mbps with TV2 TVN/AN/ARs.15,827/-
350 Mbps with TV3 TVN/AN/ARs.22,464/-
650 Mbps with TV4 TVN/AN/ARs.21,239/-

You should pay additional 13% VAT on above monthly prices. On time setup charge may be vary with your plan and duration.

3. Classic Tech

Classic Tech internet was entered in Nepali internet market in 2009 AD. Its the fastest growing internet in Nepal. It covers Approximate 12% share of Nepali internet market in just 12 years and take 3rd best Wifi provider in internet market of Nepal.

According to the company they highly focused on customer support and satisfaction. Classic Tech also provide the user friendly plans start form the 80Mbps to 100Mbps.

Classic Tech internet Plan and Price

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Speed (Mbps)Prabhu RV1 Month3 Month12 Month
(Dashain Offer)
1 TVRs. 7,800 + 1800(TV)/-
80 Mbps
(Dashain Offer)
1 TvRs. 9000 + 1800(TV)/-
50 Mbps
(Dashain Offer)
1 TvRs. 7800 + 1800/-
225 MbpsFreeRs.999/-Rs.11,988/-
227 MbpsFreeRs. 4,289Rs.15,368/-
325 Mbps FreeRs.4,880Rs. 17,735/-
625 MbpsFreeN/AN/ARs.29,566/-

You should pay additional 13% VAT on above monthly prices. One time set up charge may be vary with your plan and duration.

4. Vianet

If you are going to new installation, Vianet also be the best Wifi option for you in Nepal. Vianet is providing internet service in Nepal from the 1999. It is the third largest internet in Nepal which contribute Approximately 10% of Nepali Internet market. Vianet also provides the TV facility for its customers which is its own Via TV.

Vianet internet Plan & Price

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Speed (Mbps)Max VIa TV1 Month3 Month12 Month
125 Mbps1 TVRs.1,100Rs.4,050Rs.13,200
175 Mbps2 TV Rs.1,250Rs.4,500Rs.15,000
250 Mbps3 TV Rs.1,500Rs.5,550Rs.18,000

You should pay additional 13% VAT on above monthly prices. One time setup charge may be vary with your plan and duration.


CG NET is launched in Nepal in 1st June 2021. The headquarter of CG Net is located at the heart of the capital city, Kathmandu. CG Net belongs to Binod Chaudhary who is the richest businessman in Nepal. CG Net is also a best Wifi company in Nepali internet Market.

Recently, CG Net launched the first package of internet 120Mbps@Rs.999 which brings new happiness to Nepali Internet users. This is the affordable internet plan in Nepal. Currently, it is only available in specific districts of Nepal. It will be available soon for all districts users.

CG NET internet Price in Nepal

Speed (Mbps)1 month3 Month6 Month12 Month
75 MbpsRs.730Rs.2160Rs.8160

You should pay additional 13% VAT on above monthly prices. Router charge may be vary with single band and dual ban. Other charges may be vary with your plan and duration.

6. WiFi Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

WIfi Nepal Pvt. Ltd. is another best internet service provider in Nepal. At the current date, wifi Nepal has the cheapest internet plan than other providers. According to company  they focused to serve multi best and cheapest to our customer in digital access world of connection.

Wifi Nepal Plan and Prices

PlanAnnual Subscription3 Months6 Months12 Months
50Mbps(festival Offer)Rs. 333/monthRs.1100Rs.2100Rs.4000
80Mbps(festival offer)Rs.500/monthRs.1600Rs.3200Rs.6000

13% VAT will be applicable on all these mentioned prices.

7. Nepal Telecom FTTH

Nepal largest telecommunication service provider Nepal Telecom also provides the FTTH (Fiber To The Home) service in Nepal. Nepal Telecom still dominating the telecommunication market of Nepal. Nepal telecom lunched FTTH service in Nepal in 2015 A.D. Form the 2015 Nepal Telecom provides the FTTH service in Nepal.

In the current situation Nepal telecom provides its FTTH service in more than 25 district of Nepal with NTTV. You can install FTTH package with TV and Without TV package. Interstation thing about Nepal Telecom FTTH service is that when you install any FTTH package, you can use Telephone Free of cost.

FTTH Internet+1NTTV+1Telephone Free (Renewable)

Speed (Mbps)1 Month
(in Rs.)
3 Months (inRs.)12 Months (inRs.)
25 Mbps Rs.1,400 Rs. 4,100 Rs. 14,025
40 Mbps Rs.1,850 Rs. 5,500 Rs. 18,025
80 Mbps Rs. 2,450 Rs. 7,200 Rs. 23,525

FTTH Internet With 1 NTTV (Renewable)

Speed (Mbps)1 Month
(in Rs.)
3 Months (inRs.)12 Months (inRs.)
50 Mbps Unlimited Internet Rs. 5,178 Rs. 14,523 Rs. 31,309
80 Mbps Unlimited Internet Rs. 6,678 Rs. 18,423 Rs. 39,309
100 Mbps Unlimited InternetRs.8,178Rs.21,923Rs.47,309

Installation charge, Drop wire charge, FTTH router and other charges may be vary with your plan and duration.


We have mentioned all the internet package price of different providers without VAT But NT FTTH price with inclusive of TSC and VAT. All company provides all package price without 13% VAT. So, they will charge additional 13% when you purchased any plan. All of these have FUP(fair use policy) restrictions but different/different company’s’ FUP policy are different.

When you buy an unlimited plan form the internet service providers. It’s speed will be less than 70% to 90% less than provided speed after reaching the threshold. This is called Fair sage policy. But threshold point of your internet may be vary from your internet service providers.

When you buy a ‘dedicated plan’ of internet which is more expensive than ‘shared internet plan’ then you can use full speed of internet till your subscription period. But remember one this it may be 2 times, 3 times expensive than shared internet plan.

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How to choose best internet ?

There are more than 40 internet service providers in Nepal. Due to the many providers it is not easy to choose best form the best. There are many internet service providers in the market. When you contact to the specific internet service providers they try to convince you to make go with them.

But you should choose best internet in the market which are easily available in your area. Then you should compare their plans with prices. You can go with high speed and low price but when you unknown about others internet service providers then specific internet service providers can convince with high price.

Consider the following points before connection:

  1. Speed
  2. Plan and Prices
  3. Fair Usage Policy
  4. Customer support
  5. ISP branch available in your location
  6. First Time Setup Charge
  7. Offers

Licensed Wifi Service Provider in Nepal 2022

  1. Mercantile Communication Private Limited
  2. WorldLink communication Private Limited
  3. Communication And Communicate Pvt. Ltd.
  4. Sita B. V.
  5. Vianet Communication Pvt. Ltd.
  6. Web Surfer Nepal Communication System Pvt. Ltd.
  7. Subisu Cablenet Pvt. Ltd.
  8. BrodLink Network and Communication Pvt. Ltd.
  9. Classic Tech Pvt. Ltd.
  10. Nepal Digital Service Pvt. Ltd.
  11. Ncell Axiata Limited
  12. TechMinds Network Pvt. Ltd.
  13. Intel Network Pvt. Ltd.
  14. Nepal Infra and Telecommunication Pvt. Ltd
  15. Parsa Telecommunication Pvt. Ltd.
  16. Barahi Internet Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  17. Dish Media Network
  18. CG Net Pvt. Ltd.
  19. Fiberworld Communication Pvt. Ltd.
  20. WifiNepal Pvt. Ltd.
  21. Space Link Pvt. Ltd.
  22. First Link Communication Pvt. Ltd.

Check your internet speed

If you want to know how to performing your internet right now you can check your internet speed by clicking on the following link:


Nepal Telecommunication Authority

Fast Website

When you are checking internet speed on these tool, it may be different speed with different tool because different tools use their different factors to check speed. But you can find your average internet speed with the help of different internet speed checker tools.

What is dedicated internet ?

Dedicated internet is that internet in which a single line is connected to your router form the internet server. So, it also called leased line internet. Dedicated Wi-Fi is provided to the dedicated customer directly.

For example if your water pipe is connected to the main water tank directly then there is full chance of getting full pipe water. Likewise In this internet you can use full speed of internet any time whereas shared Wi-Fi speed will be decrease on peak time.

It is mainly useful for big companies, enterprise where internet speed is more important. Its is more expensive than shared Wi-Fi. So small vender can not Offord this service. There is best customer support with this internet plan. It may be 2x, 4x or more expensive than shared Wi-Fi.

In this you can get actual internet speed which you have subscribed. It means that when you buy dedicated internet with 100Mbps you can get and consume 100Mbps any time. In this you can get same speed of download and upload. For exceptional case it may be different otherwise it will be same.

What is shared internet ?

When single line will be distributed to the 4 to 6 or more houses is called shared Wi-Fi. It means that you are sharing a single Wi-Fi package( Eg. 4000 GB per month) with your neighbors equally. In this a single line is come only to the internet transmitter then it will be distributed to the 4 to 6 houses equally with the help of FUP (Fair usage Policy).

In this you can not get full speed each and every time. It means that when shared 4 to 6 houses are using internet in same time then internet sped will be down which is called peak time.

When customers are using internet in same time then internet speed will be down in shared Wi-Fi. And we can not get actual speed which we have subscribed. In this FUP helps to distribute internet, equally to the all house which are using shared Wi-Fi.

What is Fair Usage policy ?

FUP policy was developed for shared internet. In shared internet a specific internet package (For Example 5000 GB per month) to the to or more than two houses. It limits the usage of one customer or user over another. So all of the user get same speed.

In this case when a household consume more data ( Means more GB) then other houses can not get consume equal data and speed. But all of them are paying equally for internet. So, it is developed for equality in internet users.

In this if a 5000 GB internet package with 30Mbps speed is distributed to 5 household. FUP (Fair Usage Policy) distribute 1000GB for per household. So, single household can not consume whole internet.

In this case you can get full internet speed of 30Mbps until you are not reach the threshold of 1000Mbps. If you consumed 1000GB in 20 days then your internet speed will be down from 30Mbps for next 10 days. When you recharged again then next 1000GB will be start again form 0(Zero) GB.

If you are not reach 1000 GB consumption in 30 days your internet speed will not changed.

It means that, every internet have FUP restriction, you will get full speed until you are not reaching FUP point. After that you will get an average speed of internet to next recharge time.


In this we have presented the best internet in Nepal with plans and prices. We also present the top 7 Internet in detail. So, now you can select your internet option with above mentioned plans, speed, time, installation cost, package price and so on.

Compare all internet seed and package price then choose lowest package price with same speed and high FUP point. You should also care of the customer support of ISP.

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