What exactly is internet ๐ŸŒ and how does it works?

What is internet?

In this article we will discuss about what exactly is internet, how it works, is it free or not, owner of internet, and so on. Internet is international network of computers which works all over the world. Internet network helps to connect two or more than two computers or device with each other. In other words, it is a inter connected network between server and devices such as mobile, laptop, computers, routers etc.

Internet connect these devices with each other to exchange, access and reuse of data. This blog is saved on my website server but you can access and read this blog in your device with the help of internet. Because internet connect my website server to your phone, laptop or other devices. If you are looking for new installation then these are the Best Internet Service Providrs in Nepal.

Internet was developed in 1960 to 1970 by Advance Research Project Agency (ARPA) in USA.  ARPA made a 4 computers network in 1969 and connect these 4 computers with each other. ARPA got succussed to transfer and exchange data with these computers.

After that ARPA recommend different universities and institutions to join with this network to share information. After the success of first phase of internet, different scientists, engineers and computer experts are involved to research and develop the world-wide form of internet.

World Wide Web (WWW) is the largest computer network. After world wide web, different browsers such as Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet explorer etc. are developed to connect different websites.

Later it was opened for private agencies and general public to use internet. Now more than 4.95 billion people use the internet all over the world.

How Internet work?

There is an intermediator between your devices and my device that is server. The data which are on internet, all of these data are saved in server. Server is like a computer which stores the data and supply the data according to userโ€™s demand with the help of optical fiber cable.

When you search something on Google then Googleโ€™s server supply data or answer of your request on your device which data already saved on this server.

Server cannot supply the data which are not saved on this. For example, if you search about you on google then google cannot provide your information like age, height, name, date of birth etc. because these information are not saved on google.

When I publish this blog post on google, it will save on website server. After that when you click on this blog post link this website server will supply it to your device. Most of the servers are located on the data centers.

Data center means Wearhouse of data, we need a Wearhouse to collect a lot of stuff, like this there are data centers to collect a lot of data. In other words, the large group of servers is a data center. Data centers are established to maintain and protect security of servers.

What is Optical Fiber Cable?

99% of internet is connected through the Optical Fiber Cable. An optical fiber cable is a type of cable that has a number of optical fibers bundled together and protected by plastic cover.

 A fiber cable has multiple string inside it which transfer the digital data in the form of light signal. All optical fibers use a core of hair-like transparent silicon covered with less refractive indexed cladding which helps to reduce light leakage.

A big net of fiber cable is laid on the earth which connect the all over the world. Fiber cable is laid down under the sea and land, so we have not seen and feal internet is transfer through fiber cable.

You can see in this picture:

Summarin cable photo 1

There are servers of different companies in different countries, fiber cable or internet helps to connect this server with our devices such as laptop, mobile, computer etc.

For example, suppose a Facebook server (Data Center) is located in USA (United State of America), whenever we post photos, status, videos etc. in Facebook. All these photos, videos and status will be stored in this Facebook server. So, we need internet to connect this Facebook server with our laptop, mobile, computer etc. for access or reuse. Fiber cable helps to connect these servers with our divides.

Likewise, Google server, YouTube server, Instagram server, TikTok server etc. are located in different location of different countries. Fiber cable helps to connect these servers with our devices.  Fiber cable is most powerful cable or wire which have strong data transmission capacity.

Now you have a question, our mobile phone is not connected with any fiber cable then how it works? This is because fiber cable is connected to your nearest cell phone towers which produce electro magnetic waves and your mobile data works.

Like this an internet service provider provides a FTTH cable (Fiber To The Home) and this cable is connected with your Wi-Fi router which produces electromagnetic wave and your internet or Wi-Fi work on your phones, laptops, computer etc.

How Server provides right data to right device?

It means that, how a server knows to provides this data to your phones which you search on any platform like google, YouTube, Facebook.

You got only these results which you want to get or search on google, YouTube, TikTok etc. This is possible with the help of IP (Internet Protocol) address. All devices such as mobile, laptop, router, server, computer etc. which are connected to the internet has a Unicode IP address.

When you search something on Google then your device sends a request to send this data on this IP address. It means your device request to sent something data on your device address which you searched.

It is not possible to remember IP address of different websites, so for websites domain name is given to find and access it. For example, facebook.com, google.com, youtube.com, techfello.com etc. When we enter this domain name on browser our devices start to search IP address of this website. It means DNS server, like our mobile IP address, websites have also Domain Name System Server and send request to this Domain Name System Server and we get data from this site.

Domain Name System Server is maintained because we have a phone which is on our hand. So, there is no need to remember our mobile IP address because when we have sent a request from our phone it will automatically send form our IP address.

But we have not Google IP address, Facebook IP address, YouTube IP address to get data form this IP address. IP address is a numerical number and different websites have different IP address. So, it is impossible to remember IP address of different website. So, domain names are used to find this IP address.

For example, 192.168. 1.1 is an IP address of any website, I can remember this IP address when I repeat again and again but there are millions and billions of websites are available. So, it is impossible to remember different websites IP address. So, domain names are used to find this websites IP address. Because of it is easy to remember names than and random numerical number.

Who is the owner of Internet?

There is not any owner of internet. It means that internet is not controlled and managed by a single company or person. But internet have contribution of different/different Internet Service Provider companies of different nations.

All companies are equally responsible to provide internet on your devices. It means that There are Big/Big โ€˜Tire 1โ€™ companies which laid down the fiber cable under water and underground.

Tire 1 Companies connect one nation to with another nation with fiber cable. It means that your National Internet Service Provider or your country buy internet form this โ€˜Tire 1โ€™ companies.

When national ISPS (Internet Service Providers) buy internet form โ€˜Tire 1โ€™ companies, then these ISPS laid down FTTH (Fiber  To The Home) cable in your country area and internet comes to your home.

National ISPS buy internet form โ€˜Tire 1โ€™ companies and sell to you with margin and make profit.

Internet is Free or not?

Most interesting fact about internet is that in actual internet is free. All โ€˜Tire 1โ€™, National ISPS (Tire 2) companies charge maintenance fee only. This is not internet fee or charge. When these companies laid down wire under the water and underground, they expense high amount of money on labor, wire, government (as tax, VAT etc.).

And it is not one time work because for better and regular connection of internet it will be maintain and they also expense money on maintenance of this Fiber cable. So, they charge maintenance fee.

Another is Internet Service Providers (ISPS) also provides you customer support service for you. They also charged for it. If there is not any customer support, when we have faced any problem on internet connection where we asked and how can fixed it.

Internet also need wire, installation, routers etc. So, internet service provider also charger certain amount for it.

How router makes difference in internet speed?

Placement of router makes big difference in internet speed. If your router is placed in corner of house, it will face problem of heating and cannot work properly and big walls and glass restrict the electromagnetic signal of Wi-Fi and internet will not work on another room properly. So, put your router in the middle of the house.

For best experience and speed put your router on Table or hang on the wall. And do not put your router with TV and other devices which also produces signals. It will reduce the speed of internet. If you want best speed on laptop and computer, you can use LAN cable.

There are two variants of router 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. 2.4 GHz router can supply of interne of electromagnetic wave to 100-meter distance. If there are many routers of 2.4GHz are using in your area then it will not work properly. If you want use internet in all rooms of house then it will be preferable.

5 GHz router can supply internet only to 25-meter distance only. But if there are many routers of 5 GHz are using in your area, it does not affect the internet speed because it has 24 non-overlapping channels. It helps to provide high speed with in less distance. If you want best speed for office or one room then you can use this router. But all devices are not support the 5GHz router, so check before router before buy it.

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